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We vow to do justice to your story.

Every tree was once a seed. Indeed, greatness is born out of the fascination of our imagination. Every story deserves to be told and heard. We know which question to ask to get you talking. Penmanship, Publishing and Publicizing are the three P's of our successful journey of almost two decades. Our clients are a list of Publishing agencies, media agencies, and various other best sellers from around the globe. From getting a book written to ghostwriting songs, trailers, scripts and blogs, we offer ghostwriting services by assigning you a specialized ghostwriter. With this experience, we tend to look for new authors who wish to put out a piece of literature in the books of history. We can help you publish your book to worldwide platforms and get it the required attention it truly deserves. We have helped manifest many ideas into best sellers. Get in touch!

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Our ghostwriting and editing services provide you with everything needed to publish your own book. To start working on your own book, hire a ghostwriter and the rest is our job. Expect the highest quality content from our ghostwriters who are up and steady to assist you. We have a over a decade of experience in helping first time authors with their ideas.

  • Payment Plans

    Payment Plans

    We have a variety of payment options as per your convenience.

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    Services Offered

    From planning to editing and publishing, we cater all your ghostwriting needs.

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    Finest Literary Usage

    Our wordsmith are instilled with a powerful tool of literary language.

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    Secure Ownership

    You remain protected with our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement at all times.


Now is the time
to tell the world.

We will help you tell your story and make sure it gets the recognition it deserves. Our list of clients includes bestselling writers, editorial agencies, businesses, publication companies, journals, and various first-time authors. We are on of the best writing companies if not the best; our CEO would argue. We have written close to 2000+ books for writers in the U.S, North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Newzealand. Rest assure, you are in good hands. Getting a book written can help you improve your credibility in the world. We ghostwrite everything from books, to songs, to blogs, and scripts and trailers. Get in touch and let us manifest your greatest ideas.

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Our Experienced Authors

We hire authors from all over the world.
They will be assigned to you from start to finish no matter what. Currently we have authors working with us from 16 countries

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