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Ghostwriting Service

Our versatile pool of writers consists of experts from 15+ countries, worldwide. We will assign a writer we know, will do justice to your story. Our payment plans come in installments, get in touch with a representative to get a custom price.


  • Topic specialized, experienced writer, assigned to interview, research, write and revise.
  • Unlimited revisions, pages, scopes and angles.
  • A 24/7 available project manager, publisher, editor and designer assigned to cater to your needs.
$1,000 - $5,000
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  • The chief ghostwriter will be a bestseller or an extensively published author, along with two other specialized writers working together.
  • Unlimited, lifetime revisions and pages.
  • Half a million social media views.
$5,000 - $13,000
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Script Writing

Be it a real life story or fiction, it could even just be an idea. A newly hatched concept you do not know where to go with. We will not only write the script but give you multiple angles and scopes to choose from. A story can go an infinite number of ways, and that is what we go through to find the best direction for your idea. Treatment, characters, logline, synopsis and a professionally formatted script from a writer specializing in that particular genre.


  • Unlimited Revisions, scopes, angles and story directions.
  • Dedicated account manager, two experienced, specialized script writers, and a screenwriting editor.
  • Help popularize the script to reach the right people.
$1,500 - 6,000
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  • A team of ten, writers, editors, director's assitants, script reviewers.
  • The ghostwriter will have ghostwritten a script in the same genre as your story, rating 7+ imdb.
  • The writer will written 5+ movies that did well on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Script submission for consideration to relevant individuals, firms, agencies, directors.
$5,000 - $16,000
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Online Book Publication

Our publication service assures to manage and tackle all the intricacies and complexities involved in publishing your book, ensuring that your book is easily and widely available to the readers around the globe

E-book and Hardcopy

  • Book publishing with our 15 leading partnering giants such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google books, Ibooks, and Walmart.
  • After niche Research, keyword optimization, and reviewing niche-related book-ranking strategies, the book is published following individual partner's publishing guidelines, with complete assurance that the book capitalizes on all areas of modern digital book-publishing for maximum awareness, reach, engagement and book sales.
$500 - $1,500
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Book Marketing

Our branding and publicity service through digital marketing conducted to audiences worldwide will make use of our experience creating distinct, innovative, eye-catching strategies, ensuring that your book grabs a major chunk of the market. A unique, powerful yet simple and elegant branding and publicity is our approach to book sales.


  • Creative, optimized, laser targetted ads to readers in parituclar cities or entire countries, for author's awareness and book sales.
  • An established online presence, 2,000+ followers on Big 3: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Half a Million guaranteed views of the book, as well as the individual author.
  • Custom Brand's Logo, Pamplets, Posts, ads and cover designs.
  • High-end, modern Author website for direct sales and strong presence, if needed.
$1,200 - $5,000
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  • A million views of the book, and a million views of the author, guaranteed.
  • Modern, elegant author website.
  • Custom High-end Book video trailer, with CGI.
  • A audio book version included, both versions will be marketed for sales.
  • 20,000+ engaged followers on multiple social media platforms, interested in the author and his book.
$5,000 - $17,000
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Draft Evaluation

Don't self-publish your story without getting it reviewed. We write best-sellers, we know what sells. With a signed NDA, we would love to evaluate your draft by a niche-sepecfic writer who will read the draft, assess it, research and create an evaluation report that indicates what the book is missing, its errors, how it can be made better. Expert opinion matters. If you would then like to implement those changes, a team can be assigned to assist accordingly.

Draft Evaluation

  • Best-seller Writer reads the book, observes, brainstorms, researches.
  • Writer gives a detailed report, overviewing the whole draft and its quality and suggestions.
$500 - $1,300
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Evaluation and Perfection

  • Once the evaluation report is completed and approved, the writer will adhere to the report.
  • All changes mentioned in the draft, writing, editing, revisions, addittions, illustrations, etc.
  • Book is published with our 15 publishing partners, Amazon, Google, ibooks, Wallmart, Barnes & noble, and more.
$1,300 - $4,500
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Author Website

Our web-design and Search engine ranking team will research and create a high-end modern website for your book that will draw and attract more users to visit the website, establishing a strong online presence. Quality yet minimalistic, along with SEO implemented strategies into the web content, maintaining great usability and ranking of your book’s website.


  • Custom website, quality design, minimalistic and modern.
  • Payment integration for book sales.
$1,200 - $3,000
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  • Easily navigable web-design with unique and attractive layout by book-site designer.
  • Strong placement of SEO into the web content by expert SEO and web content writers.
  • Ensuring high ranking on renowned search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
$3,000 - $5,000
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Audio Book Service

As there a drastic increase in the use of audio books, hence, our audio book service will make your book accessible, entertaining and engaging for the listeners. Despite the fact, that audio books are a mere choice of personal preference, they still allow the author to make hearty connections with the audience, forming heart-felt associations.


  • High quality audio book with thrilling and engaging sound effects.
  • Lacking any malfunctions or glitches.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client.
$1,200 - $3,700

Prices are subject to change, depending on the duration and use of sound effects.

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Book Editing

Whether its a simple proofread or research based book development, every draft has room for improvement. From tones, to writing styles, sentence structure, clarity and engagement, much of it all comes together for a successfull book.


  • Complete grammer and formatting check.
  • Setence structure, clarity and engagement check.
  • Develop content whenever necessary.
  • Conduct research and add relevant content to the book.
  • Book publishing with big 5, Amazon, Google, Apple, Barnes & Noble & Walmart.
$800 - $5,000

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